Strategic Planning

Blue Marker

Our team works to provide added value to the Plans, Products, Procedures, and overall Enterprise Value for our clients. We recognize that a true business partner is not rewarded for having brains, but for using them to deliver meaningful and sustainable results.

The logic of good plans is that they lead to a desired result. Too many discussions start with the client statement that "we just need to sell more". We would add that all clients should also want to:

  1. "profitably sell more"
  2. have a "sustainable competitive advantage"
  3. sell products that form a "business platform" which has the critical mass & reason-for-being to facilitate future growth.

We start with the clients' goals, the available resources, knowledge of industry & category-specific business practices, and competitive activity evaluation. We then work to formulate a plan that is in alignment with our clients' business goals, effectively lays out objectives, strategies, and tactics and leads to a financial budget that accounts for a realistic sales forecast and the associated executional timeline and costs. We do this to a level that leads to full ProForma Financial Statements.