Black Marker

Whiteboard Communications offers a comprehensive management service for warehousing & logistics that is especially beneficial for our international clients. We seamlessly manage finished goods from receipt at the port all the way through to delivery to U.S. retail customers.

  1. Clearance through customs Foreign Trade Zone, to bonded, state-of-the-art warehouse
  2. Inventory Management with tailored FIFO, LIFO or Expiration Date fulfillment sequencing
  3. "Real-time", fully visible inventory tracking available 24/7/365
  4. EDI capabilities for timely order processing and order fulfillment
  5. Precise order processing & fulfillment with all documentation generated per the customer's specs including BOL, ASN, pallet labeling through to delivery confirmation
  6. Cost efficient national delivery system regardless of order size or composition with "real time tracking"

We also offer ancillary services including: 1. Packaging & Assembly of products for shippers; 2. Pallet Modules; 3. Gift Packs; and 4. Order Fulfillment for E-Commerce, Catalog Sales and Business to Business.