Green Marker

For all sales assignments, Whiteboard Communications fully evaluates the market conditions, the competitive landscape, and targeted price points in each trade channel. With effective collateral materials from our marketing group and a clear understanding of our target market, we work within the appropriate trade channels to secure and sustain a loyal customer group. This work is done regardless of whether the product line is designated as branded or private label or food service or business-to-business.

Our national accounts sales professionals work at a senior level with fact-based materials that are designed to provide a win/win for both our clients and the customers that we develop for them. Overall, we seek meaningful business with credit-worthy customers, that have critical mass of volume, and are sustainable over the long-term.

  1. Evaluate the category and core competitors
  2. Ensure product mix is properly positioned to fill the need
  3. Incorporate accurate margin and business practices for each retailer and trade class
  4. Identify unique merchandising opportunities (e.g. seasonal programs, pre-pack shippers, affinity programs)