Orange Marker

Most companies cannot afford Marketing that is just a feel-good intangible. Marketing must be purposeful. This means that the marketing program is driving positive actions by both Retailers and Consumers – generating retail distribution and igniting consumer purchases.

Our mission is to deliver purposeful and memorable creative communications about the products, the client-manufacturer, and the over-riding product claims. We work to balance the essential marketing elements required for branded products to compete for retailers' attention, and also to ensure the messaging to consumers is visible, enticing, and efficiently-delivered. We work in all media venues:

  1. social networking
  2. electronic media
  3. print advertising
  4. point-of-sale displays
  5. label design
  6. collateral materials

Our creative staff works much like an ad agency in developing materials that meet the creative brief, with tonality and media selections that are appropriate for reaching targeted consumer groups.